Please take the time to view the 4 minute video (above) – it’s from the UK and highlights the dangers of not purchasing and installing the CORRECT finger guards as inferior products collapse and still allow fingers to be caught.

Safety Assured Ltd, well established in the UK as the leading independent supplier and installer of door safety solutions, is proud to introduce to Australia the award winning Door Finger Protector ™.

Door Closer Specialist Pty Ltd is an authorised seller and installer of Door Finger Protector™, Door Hinge Protector, Handle Side Solutions, Sliding Door Stop – SlideSafe™

Our purpose is to help you eliminate the risk of finger trapping injuries in doors, and highlight areas that need to be considered when specifying and choosing finger guard devices.

Door Closer Specialist Pty Ltd also provide an installation service in Melb Metro area by experience installers who all have Working With Children cards and are Police Checked.

If you are unsure of whether your doors provide a risk to the children in your care, please contact us for a Risk Assessment Guide, so you can carry out your own assessment for your peace of mind.


A gust of wind, a thoughtless moment, a playtime prank — whatever the cause, in Victoria alone statistics show on average there are more than 500 hospital admissions every year for serious hand and finger injuries caused by doors. Over half of those admitted are under the age of 9 with almost 50% suffering fractures or traumatic amputation.

[Source: MONASH University Accident Research Centre]

Hospital admissions per year

Half admitted are under


Percentage suffering serious injury

Finger loss
The dangers associated with finger entrapment affect not just young children in schools and day care centres but the elderly and disabled who are also particularly vulnerable. In fact, anyone is potentially a victim of a door related accident as the picture (left) shows.

“How can these accidents be prevented?”

Fortunately, there is now an affordable solution that can remove the risk of this type of injury occurring. Door Finger Protector devices are simple yet robust and prevent fingers from entering the full length of the dangerous gap along the hinged side of a door.

< A door did this to Susan, a 27 year old primary school teacher. If this can happen to an adult then the risk to children is even greater.

Opening door



Door Finger Protector ™ provides protection against fingers entering the dangerous gap along the hinged side of doors.

The unique design enables it to be secured in most cases without the need for screws or nails, therefore no damage to door or frame and no compromise of fire door integrity.

However, if required (i.e. due to poor surface condition) additional screw fixings can and will be used.


Finger Protector

Ergonomic design makes Door Finger Protector ™ unobtrusive and inconspicuous. When installed it creates NO resistance or restriction to the normal operation of a door.

1985mm standard length can be easily cut down to fit all door heights.

With a reputation for durability, Door Finger Protector ™ is also extremely versatile. It is the only device available that fits ALL door types including:

  • UPVC
  • glass
  • metal / crittal
  • fire exits with push bars
  • pivot-hinge
  • flag-hinge
  • bi-fold

















Whether you survey and install, or we do it for you, our unique modular system is best designed to keep fingers away from the guillotine action of even the lightest door.This 16 tonne guillotine action needs only to move slightly for it to effortlessly amputate fingers. Should you allow your children to suffer such inadvertent injury?

Door Closer Specialist believes there are 5 important points to note:


  1. Your Duty of Care is for everyone that could be at risk.
  2. Ensure you have a Risk Assessment carried out by competent people
  3. Ensure you use genuine finger guards
  4. Ensure your products are installed by competent people
  5. Ensure that safety/maintenance checks are carried out regularly











Door Hinge ProtectorGuarantee all-round door safety by installing the Door Hinge Protector device. This door hinge guard covers the gap that is created on the hinge pin side of a door, when the door is in the open position.

Used in conjunction with Door Finger Protector ™ the risk of finger entrapment accidents on the hinged edge of doors is totally eliminated.

As with Door Finger Protector ™, all types of doors including wood, metal and UPVC – as well as doors which open to 180 degrees, can be fitted with the Door Hinge Protector device.


The handle side of doors represents a dangerous risk of injury equal to that on the hinge cavity side. Doors without closing mechanisms – making them susceptible to slamming as a result of through drafts – and those with poorly adjusted or faulty closers pose the greatest risk.

Slam Stop

Door Slam Stop is ideal for preventing injury on the handle side of doors. Designed primarily for use in child care centres and the home, Door Slam Stop can also be effective in most other environments.
The anti door slam device works by locking itself when a door attempts to close at speed and with force. It then releases itself, enabling the door to slowly close fully. Simple and easy to install, Door Slam Stop will work with most wooden frame doors and comes complete with fixings and fitting instructions.

Safe Stop

Door Safe StopFor metal doors, UPVC doors and internal/external gates there is an alternative solution to the risk of handle side accidents using Door Safe Stop. This device is also suitable for fitting to wooden doors, especially double doors and twin pivot doors.

Handle Side Solutions



Sliding doors also present a danger of finger and hand injury. SlideSafe™ creates a safe gap between the door’s leading edge and the closing jam. Installed at a height out of reach of small children, the device can be manually cancelled by a responsible adult at any time by engaging the red-capped hold-back pin. Disengaging the pin will reactivate the device.


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