Self Latching Devices can be cut into suit Timber or Aluminium doors.How to comply and not have a fence.

  • Doors and gates can be set up to act as a safety barrier to your Pool or Spa.
  • Doors can open into or away from Pool area but require a good quality Door Closer to reliably control the Door and ensure it closes door into a Self Latching Device which must be located at 1500 mm from the highest floor surface.
  • Swing Gates must open away from the Pool area and must also be self latching and self closing.

Doors and Gates must remain closed at all times – except when you are entering or exiting the Pool or Spa area.To satisfy the Swimming Pool Regulations in your particular State you must check with your local Council or obtain a copy of the current regulations so you understand what is possible when designing your Pool or Spa.

French Door, fitted with an architectural Slide arm Door Closer, painted to match door color. Typical set up for this type of Double Door is to lock one door off permanently and fit the closer to the remaining active door. Door closers can be fitted to ether PUSH SIDE (as left) or PULL SIDE (as below left) or INVERTED (push side shown below right) of doors i.e. the inside or outside depending on the type of door frames you have, whether you have curtains or blinds in place or unusual brick reveals or limited height above the doors.